Cedar River expected to rise


CHARLES CITY, Iowa- Thunderstorms, tornado warnings and flooding are on the minds of many Thursday in Floyd County as they pick up the pieces from or the night’s events. The Charles City Fire Department say 100-200 people are being affected by backed up sewers and are asking folks to limit their use of water.

Free sand and bags were made available for those who needed them. The Floyd County Emergency Management Agency put a limit of 100 bags per household.

“We will make the bags and bring them to their house, we will do what ever we can to help those in need,” says Rod Schmidt of Charles City.

Schmidt was helping prepare folks for the Cedar River to hit a nearly record high crest of over 24 feet.

“This is probably going to be a very major flooding event for the city of Charles City as well as parts of Floyd County,” says Fire Chief Eric Whipple. “The north part of Charles City was hit pretty hard and travel is not advised, even within the city. We don’t have enough road block in town to block off all of the streets in town or in the county, so we are asking people to please not drive through flooded streets.”

Charles city was not the only part of Floyd experiencing high water. The river that runs through Nora Spings was also much higher than normal. Officials say they are keeping a close eye on the cities levy to make sure it doesn’t break after it was damaged in a storm earlier this year, but folks like Schmidt are here to help them pick up the pieces after the storm.

“I live on the other side of the river. I think I am fine, so I will help who I can and if I end up needing help, there are plenty of people here to help me,” he says.

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