Evacuations in Greene


GREENE, Iowa – The unimaginable is happening.

“Terrible, it’s just really depressing just I’m so old it’s hard to think of starting over again,” Roxanne Schoville said in Greene.

Schoville is scrambling to get last minute items from her home. They were knee deep in water as her and her family trudged back and forth from her home with items in their hands.

“Pictures, absolutely, boxes of photos, grandchildren pictures, kids pictures,” Schoville explained.

The Shell Rock River is spilling into neighborhoods, business districts, and bringing back memories some have tried to forget.

“Waiting for it to come and hoping the Lord is going to take care of us,” Marilyn Vouillon said outside her business stacked with sandbags.

Some are doing their best to protect what they have.  Others are working to accept that you physically can’t stop the force of Mother Nature.

“We’ve seen it before and it’s just one of those things you got to take care of.  We got lots of help and we’ll get through it,” Jim Gansen said as he helped him family clear out their almost bare home before the water starts flooding in.

Community members work to fill sandbags.  Once stuffed full, they’re delivered to those in need.

“Obviously I think everybody has a fear of getting the water into their home.  You can tell we’re sandbagging right now.  I think our fear is not knowing how much more is coming and nobody knows when this is going to crest,” Angie Christensen said at her parents’ home, watching the water slowly devour their driveway and road.

Law enforcement say the river may very well beat the 2008 record for flooding.  Many can only pray it doesn’t.

“When you have an answer of when it’s going to crest then you can relax a little bit, but it’s the not knowing,” Christensen said.

Butler County Sheriff Jason Johnson says he’s proud to see the community come together to get through this difficult time.   He explains more than 80 homes in Greene are impacted by the flood waters that are nearly impossible to stop.

“Think a lot of that is experience, unfortunately we’ve been through this and they know what they have to do,” Sheriff Johnson said.

North Butler High School has been set up as a relief center.  Travel is not advised in Greene.

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