All hands on deck: Mason City community comes together at Salvation Army shelter


MASON CITY, Iowa – Candice Peck lives in the Autumn Park Apartments.

She received a knock on her door letting her know she needed to evacuate.

That’s when it was all hands on deck at the Salvation Army in Mason City, knowing they needed to set up shelter for displaced tenants.

“People are a little anxious because they’re not sure what’s going to happen at home, but they’re now sitting, watching movies. They are doing puzzles, just chatting or listening to the radio in one room. We’re kind of trying to provide a little entertainment, but people are a little nervous, you know, because it’s unknown,’ says Tracy Hedegard-Stump, social services director.

Sandwiches and soup were also provided by the volunteers.

Although Candice’s apartment did not suffer flood damage, her car was affected by the flood water.

“My brakes got a little wet and they were kind of iffy for a little while, but it’s dried out now. The inside was a little bit wet because I think water was seeping through the bottom,” says Peck.

Tracy with the Salvation Army says you never know when a natural disaster is going to happen, but they are always ready.

“Having that availability is great because you know what if they don’t have anywhere to go.”

“There’s a lot of good people here to help us out and I really appreciate it. I’ve never had to be displaced like this so it’s a lot different for me,” says Peck.

As for Candice, she says everyone should follow these simple steps.

“Well, if anybody is out there and they are in high water, don’t drive through it, don’t walk through it. I was scared to even get to my car because the water was so high,’ says Peck.

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