There are health risks from flooding


KIMT News 3- With all of the flooding happening in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa, it’s important to be careful when you’re picking up the mess the storms leave behind. Sue Yost with Freeborn County Public Health says if your basement is flooded, make sure you are wearing rubber boots and a mask when you’re cleaning up. This prevents toxins from getting into your body.

Also, many people believe they’ll need some sort of immunization shot if they come in contact with flood water, but that’s not true.

“After flooding it’s not necessary to get immunizations,” said Yost. “The immunizations that a lot of people think they need to get are a Tetanus shot and sometimes Hepatitis B or Hepatitis A. It’s not necessary to get all those shots after flooding because you haven’t been exposed to those diseases during the flood.”

Yost says you should throw out any belongings that are damaged by flood water to prevent mold growth in your home. Also, when it comes to downed trees you can avoid back pain and injury by leaving clean up to the pros.

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