Update: With treatment plant down, where to go to the bathroom in Charles City


UPDATE: Residents are now being asked to stop the use of drains and toilets.

CHARLES CITY, Iowa –  After the heavy rains and flooding of the past couple of days, the Emergency Operations Center in Charles City has been notified that the wastewater treatment plant has failed.

Residents can anticipate sewer backup and are asked to restrict water usage until further notice. Authorities have asked residents in 20 homes to evacuate, though it is not mandatory at this time to leave. In a news conference on Friday morning, authorities stressed that the water is safe to drink — it’s draining that is the issue.

At this time, there is no extra help to pump water from basements. The focus is on keeping the community functioning.

Authorities don’t believe this week’s flooding will beat 2008’s record, but damage done to secondary roads and bridges in Floyd County is expected to be the same if not worse.

Port-a-potties have been set up for public use at the following locations:

  • Floyd County Courthouse
  • Hy-Vee
  • Charles City High School
  • Floyd County Medical Center (Hospital)
  • Subway / Kwik Trip
  • K-Mart
  • North Grand Building (500 N. Grand)
  • Washington Elementary School
  • Public Health
  • Department of Human Services



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