County looking to change stop signs to yield signs


MITCHELL COUNTY, Iowa – After the Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office started to receive complaints about people blowing the stop sign on Noble Avenue and 400th street in the county, they brought it to the attention of the county supervisors with a thought of adding a flashing stop sign. That idea was deemed too costly for the county.

The Mitchell County Board of Supervisors say this has become a growing concern throughout the county and are looking at the idea of changing some of the stop signs on rural intersections to yield signs.

“Before anything gets changed we need to do an assessment of the intersections,” says Joel Voaklander. “The benefit to the community would be having the motoring public have to think when they approach the intersection, do I need to stop, no, then keep going, or yes and I stop at the intersection.”

There is a petition with around 21 signatures circulating through the community to try and maintain the stop sign at the intersection of Noble Avenue and 400th street. The next board of supervisors meeting will be held Tuesday at 8:30.

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