Farmers warn drivers to be mindful of farm machinery


Manly, Iowa – Harvest season is upon us and farmers from all across the state will be out using the highways. But farmers have some safety tips that drivers should be aware of.

Andy Hill, a farmer from Manly, is gearing up to harvest his crops.

He explains the size of the grain cart he uses and how it makes it hard for farmers to operate it along the highways with oncoming traffic.

He also says farm vehicles can create blind spots.

“Sometimes, I’ll look for shadows as tell tales if somebody being behind me, but if people get too close behind me and they’re tucked in my blind spot, I don’t know they’re there and now there’s a hazard for both of us,” says Hill.

He urges drivers to pay attention to the flashing lights and signs on the equipment to help prevent crashes.

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, during 2013 and 2015 over 400 traffic crashes took place on Minnesota roads involving at least one farm vehicle.

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