Vireo Health Chief Medical Officer discusses medical cannabis at Mayo Clinic conference

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Even though medical cannabis has been legal in Minnesota for around two years, there is still a lot that primary care providers can learn about cannabis-derived medications.

This week, the Chief Medical Officer for Vireo Health, a physician-led cannabis company, shared his expertise on the topic during a panel discussion.

“It’s just really exciting to be here to see providers starting to open their awareness towards medical cannabis as a therapeutic option for some of the sickest patients in Minnesota,” says Stephen Dahmer, M.D. with Vireo Health.

Vireo Health is the parent company to Minnesota Medical Solutions, which operates a medical cannabis dispensary out of Rochester.

The medical cannabis panel was apart of the 18th annual Internal Medicine Review for Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Primary Care Physicians that is hosted by Mayo Clinic.

“As a group, we’re a conservative bunch and so most of us didn’t learn about cannabinoids in medical school and medical cannabis is not something that is a part of our normal education as physicians,” Dahmer adds. “So it takes some extra steps to come up to speed regarding medical cannabis, but I see the momentum changing.”

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