More than just the money: Taking on a side job

MASON CITY, Iowa – While some working people use their days off to relax or sleep in, others get right up and go to work again somewhere else.

But the reasons for getting side jobs appear to be splitting down generational lines. A new CareerBuilder study shows about 30 percent of workers have a side job, with most in the age range of 18 to their early 30’s.

Victoria’s Secret sales supervisor Krystal Brodeen, 22, said for a while she worked at both the retail store and at Waldorf University. She said she recently finished her last day working at the school and is now transitioning into a new second job at Diamond Jo Casino.

Brodeen said picking up a second job is not just for the paycheck but as a way to socialize and meet people.

“It’s kind of a nice change of pace (having two jobs),” said Brodeen. “After a long day at an office job, you get to go interact with people all night long and help them shop and stuff like that. It’s really fun. That makes the job rewarding —  helping people find what they’re looking for — and at the end of the day, you get paid for it.”

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