Iowa fatal crashes highest in 6 years

KIMT News 3 – According to those at the Iowa State Patrol, as of Oct. 3, there have been 282 fatal crashes in Iowa. That is two higher than in 2012, which was the highest in the last six years.

While loved ones are often eager to know what happened when a crash turns deadly, the high number of fatalities creates a lot of work for those who investigate those incidents.

“It could take anywhere from one to two months to complete an investigation,” says Iowa State Patrol Officer Keith Deunow. “There are so many variables. We have to wait on blood and urine samples to come back, cell phone records things of that nature. We don’t just investigate at the scene; we will go back and do interviews and investigate where those who were involved were for the last 24 hours sometimes.”

Trooper Deunow says the leading cause of fatal crashes are still cell phone usage, driving while impaired and not wearing a seat belt.

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