Major construction project nearing completion


ROCHESTER, Minn. – For several months, the estimated 7,400 cars that drive through the Hwy 52/Hwy 63 interchange on a daily basis have encountered delays as MnDOT crews have been working to replace bridge decks on Hwy 52 in Rochester.

On Monday, the final stages of the project began as crews work to paint the steel under the bridge. Over the next several weeks, lanes of Hwy 63 will have to temporarily close for the work, which requires large tarps to be draped in order to keep the paint contained. Motorists can expect single lane traffic going under the bridge until the painting is complete.

The other key safety part of the $4.2 million project is adding the third lane on the northbound Hwy 52 bridge.

“There was a third lane if you got on the ramp, but if you’re getting on from northbound 63 you were going right into two lanes of traffic so we’ll be adding a third lane on the bridge which will be a safer thing,” explains Mike Dougherty with MnDOT.

MnDOT expects traffic to reopen on the bridge on October 24th and as long as the weather cooperates, the entire project is expected to be complete by November 3rd.


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