Rec Center is a step closer to make its debut

AUSTIN, Minn.-It’s been the talk of the town for months and now plans for a new community recreational center in Austin are moving forward.

Earlier this year, the city approved plans to build the new rec center at the site of the former Austin Municipal Plant and Monday the city council will vote on how to fund the project.

“The project was too much of a benefit in the community to not continue to look for an alternative way to bring this forward to reality,” said Craig Clark, Austin’s City Administrator. “So we’re optimistic that the council will look favorably on this and we can move forward with a great amenity for the community.”

Soon the Austin Municipal Plant site will be home to a new community recreation center.

“We believe that in the end this is a fantastic project and a fantastic deal for the city, the YMCA and the community members of Austin,” said Matt Cano, Vision 2020.

The city council will vote on a revised plan on how to fund the project. If the new agreement is approved, the city will contribute $100,000 a year to the rec center.

Some of that money would go toward a new Youth Activity Center.

“The building won’t have any debts,” said Cano. “When our community numbers are paying for a membership, they’re actually paying for the amenities inside the rec center and the $100,000 that the city is putting in will go towards a new indoor playground. So everyone in the city can enjoy the new rec center.”

At the end of the day, the goal is to bring the community together by creating a place for the entire community to enjoy.

“That’s really what it’s all about, doing what’s in the best interest for the public,” said Clark. “Obviously the YMCA has their responsibilities, but the city council is looking out for the public’s interest and this is a win win for everyone.

The rec center would cost $35 million to build. $25 million will be paid for by the Hormel Foundation and $5 million from Hormel Foods Corp.  The remaining five will be raised through a community campaign.

The city council meeting is Monday at 5:30.



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