4 years after Gallmeyer’s body was found, suspected murderer prepares a new appeal

Randy Lee Patrie
Randy Lee Patrie

CHICKASAW CO., Iowa – Tuesday marks four years since the body of 70-year-old Carl “Ken” Gallmeyer was found in his Chickasaw County home, and the man suspected in his murder is preparing for a new day in court.

Gallmeyer was found dead on October 4, 2012 near Nashua.  Investigators believe he was killed about a week prior to being found.

Carl "Ken" Gallmeyer
Carl “Ken” Gallmeyer


Randy Patrie, 44, of Floyd County, was named a suspect in the death of Gallmeyer, but was never charged or convicted of the crime.  In September of 2013, Patrie pleaded guilty to two federal weapons charges, and when he was sentenced, evidence that he killed Gallmeyer was introduced.  Relying on this evidence, as well as several past criminal convictions including burglaries, Judge Linda Reade classified Patrie as an Armed Career Criminal, which allows a maximum federal sentence of life in prison.  Patrie received a life sentence and filed an appeal.

Eventually, Patrie presented his case to the United States Supreme Court.  In June, the high court sent Patrie’s case back to be re-heard by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, which had ruled against Patrie.

Now, the 8th Circuit Court is being ordered to review Patrie’s case in light of the recent Supreme Court decision in Mathis v. United States.  The high court found that state sentencing guidelines cannot be applied to the federal Armed Career Criminal designation, and in this case, it means Patrie’s prior burglary convictions can’t be considered when applying that designation.

Prosecutors and the defense have both submitted briefs outlining the arguments they will make to the 8th Circuit Court.  Those records show the defense team is arguing that Patrie no longer qualifies as an Armed Career Criminal, and his maximum sentence should be 10 years.  The prosecution’s brief shows they agree that the Patrie is no longer subject to a life sentence, but argue he should be held to a maximum 20-year prison sentence.

No hearing date has been scheduled.

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