East Park mitigation project


MASON CITY, Iowa- The Mason City City Council unanimously approved a nearly $150,000 dam mitigation project at Tuesday regularly held meetings. The project will be worked on by Beemer Companies out of Fairmount Minnesota.

The project will affect two dams in East Park. Officials say they will remove the remains of one of the dams that was damaged in the 2008 floods and replace it with large boulders, they will also add rocks to another dam to help promote water flow through the park.

“This will create better fish passages through the park, we will be keeping the duck pond there, I really think this will help recreation in the city of Mason City,” says Bill Stangler, the Mason City Operation & Maintenance Manager.

Councilmen and Mayor Pro-Tem , Travis Hickey agreed, “Just the recreation activities like fishing kayaking things like that are really going to make a big difference.”

The project will be largely funded through a $100,000 grant from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Stangler says they are also looking for additional funds to work on the third dam in East Park as well as the Winnebago River.

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