Lawsuit brought forth on joint county drainage committee

CERRO GORDO, FLOYD COUNTY, Iowa – According to county leaders, they have been waiting for months to start a culvert project in a drainage district operated by a joint Cerro Gordo County and Floyd County Drainage Committee just south of Nora Springs.

They say the property where they wanted to start work was owned by Iowa Northern Railway Company, but did not receive word from the rail company after reaching out. They say that is when they wanted to start work.

According to documents, late last week a lawsuit was filed against the joint drainage committees to stop work that is planned for Monday.

A special session held on Wednesday, via phone conference, was to seek legal advice and decide which lawyer to hire.

“There isn’t much drainage litigation out there,” says Jim Hudson, an Attorney out of Pocahontas.

Hudson advised the trustees to choose an attorney who is more familiar with drainage district lawsuits, which is exactly what the committee unanimously approved when they voted to hire Bob Goodwin of Ames to represent them.

“We’ve got an attorney that only focuses on drainage districts,” says Casey Callanan, chairman of the joint committee. “These cases are rare throughout the state.”

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