NIACC receives new truck for program

MASON CITY, Iowa – A local college received a new gift that will help students in the diesel technology field.

Harrison Truck Centers donated to North Iowa Area Community College a brand new truck in support of the Diesel Technology Program, as part of the Keeping NIACC First Capital Campaign.

The goal is to train diesel technicians to help with the shortage of workers in the field.

“They’ll be able to see how the new emissions work, how the new systems and the new electronics are done,” says Chad Harrison, Vice President of HARRISON Truck Centers.

Dennis Salz, the diesel instructor at NIACC, says the new addition will be a great tool for students to help prepare them for their future.

“It’s got the fully electronic field system on it, it’s an automated transmission, so there’s no clutching going on with the drivers, so drivers are eased.”

But NIACC isn’t the only school that Harrison Truck Centers has helped.

“We like to support school programs and we want to encourage students to get involved in diesel programs,” says Harrison.

“Every shop that you see or even walk into they always got the help wanted signs on, so they’re always looking for mechanics in the diesel field especially,” says Salz.

As the diesel technology program continues to grow each year, Dennis says he is looking forward to teaching the students about the new technology available.

“It’s still new to me yet so yea, we’re going to be doing a lot of just testing on it to see how this automatic transmission actually works.”

The school will receive a new truck each year for 5 years.

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