PHOTOS: North Iowa charity suffers losses in Hurricane Matthew


EAGLE GROVE, Iowa – GoServ Global, an Eagle Grove-based agency that works extensively with orphans in Haiti, has announced major losses due to damage caused by Hurricane Matthew.

cch-property  driving

GoServ Global has an orphanage, medical and dental clinic, and school in the city of Les Cayes, where orphans, widows, and displaced families are helped.  Hurricane Matthew hit the city with 145 mph winds, destroying much of the community.

All of the people the agency was helping – an estimated 150 orphans, babies, and widows – survived the hurricane, but the agency lost crops, agricultural animals, and buildings.

school  safe-t-home

According to GoServ Global, they have a 5-year history in Les Cayes, where they have built 200 homes, 10 wells, agricultural products, prison and street ministries, and support five orphanages.


Donations to help in the recovery are requested and can be sent to:

GoServ Global

PO Box 193

Eagle Grove, IA 50533

Write “Hurricane Relief” in the memo line.


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