Walk/Bike to School Day

MASON CITY, Iowa – 18 schools in Iowa and 142 in Minnesota asked parents, teachers, and students to walk or bike to school in order to get healthy Wednesday.

Tires are aired up, lights are nice and bright and Ian Miller is ready to hit the road.

“It saves gas for my mom and dad and also it’s just a good way to get to school,” Miller said.

Miller says he enjoys morning bike rides to school.

“I get to see the ducks, and go as fast as I want,” Miller said.

He’s on the right track for this year’s 20th annual Walk to School Day.  It has students and staff lacing up their shoes and pumping up their tires to get to school the healthier way.

“It’s more fun probably for the child, probably safest. If they’re at least going with another child or adult that can go with them, especially if it’s a young child have an older child with them siblings, that’s a good idea,” Crime Prevention Coordinator Jeremy Ryal said.

Of course, safety is a concern too.  Ryal has some suggestions if you’re thinking of making this an everyday habit.

“I think for younger kids probably sticking to the same route is a good idea that way you know the way they’re going if they don’t end up at school for some reason. You know where you might look for them,” Ryal said.

Ryal says wearing helmets is a plus for bike riders and kids should know the rules of the road.

For Miller it’s also about helping his parents.

“Probably that you can do it on your own time and your parents don’t have to be late for work,” Miller said.

Ryal stresses walking or biking to work is a healthy habit to get into for kids, just parents remember to talk safety.

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