Furnace Replacement Program

CHARLES CITY, Iowa – With the recent flooding in Charles City, residents received damages to their homes and even lost furnaces inside their basements — but a new program will soon be able to help those in need

The Floyd County Replacement Program is replacing one of the more costly items lost due to flood waters.

“We typically install furnaces in December because that’s when the funding comes in, but we’re taking a gamble to try to address the need out there because of the people that lost furnaces in the heavy rain events,” says Tim Fox, Charles City Area Development Corporation.

Kelvin Keifer, owner of Mills Incorporated, has been quite busy placing orders for residents.

“We have had several calls since the high water incident that we had and the heavy rains from people who have had several feet of water in their basement,” says Keifer.

Applications are available now, but in order to qualify for the program there are a few requirements that need to be met.

“To qualify, residents have to own their home, current on property taxes, furnace must be at least 10 years old and you must have homeowners insurance — and if you are at or below 30 percent median income, the trust fund will pay for 100 percent of a furnace replacement, and if you’re between 31 and 50 percent of median income, the trust fund will pay for 75 percent,” says Fox.

And when handling that damaged furnace, Kelvin suggests taking some safety precautions.

“It can be a dangerous situation with gas and things like that if the controls aren’t functioning properly — and when they turn it on, we would expect that the safety devices are on and not allow it to burn.”

If you are interested in an application, you may contact the Charles City Area Development Corporation.

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