Unique sign in front of church


MASON CITY, Iowa – People passing by St. John’s Episcopal Church in Mason City could notice the building’s new sign.

The sign with moving words is less than a year old, and its messages change often. Parish administrator Susan Stone said they wanted to have a unique sign that states more than just times of service, that would attract people and get them to think.

Stone said currently, 10 reasons to be an Episcopalian from Robin Williams is on the sign. She said before that, the church had a saying on the sign from Mr. Spock from Star Trek about believing in God.

“It just brings up a whole different side of church. I think people like that. I think people are interested, people are looking, people want to know what is church? If they’re looking for a church, what does this church do? What do they mean? We’re just pretty opened-minded, and I think that’s important.”

Stone said the reasons behind posting sayings on the sign from people like actors and fictional characters is to show they’re a church that accepts all kinds of people.


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