Ernst takes questions

MASON CITY, Iowa – People weren’t scared to ask questions to U.S. Senator Joni Ernst.

After Senator Ernst discussed the bills she got passed this year, she took questions at the Historic Park Inn. One topic that got her going dealt with veterans affairs.

“I will tell you that the Veteran’s Choice program I’m not happy with right now anyway. We receive so many calls from those elected to do veterans choice because bills have not been paid by the VA,” Ernst said.

She asked one woman to tell her who’s steering her in the wrong direction when it comes to getting her veteran husband the help he needs.

“Yes we need to figure out what’s at the root of that and if you have the name of someone you can provide to us we can track that down,” Ernst said.

Another issue was water quality.  One woman is upset with what’s going into Iowa’s waterways.  Ernst feels things are moving in the right direction.

“When we had new types of chemicals and products put on the land to help fertilize or weed sometimes it went a little too far.  Farmers did not know then, since then is a great level of education,” Ernst explained.

Next was immigration.  One man feels nothing is being done to keep folks who don’t like Americans in the first place from entering our country.

“That’s of great concern and we need to make sure our borders are protected whether it is a physical barrier, drones, or additional border security control,” Ernst said.

Ernst says she’s happy how Friday’s event turned out.

“It’s refreshing to know that our public is so well educated on federal level issues.”

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