Volunteers are cleaning up flood damage

ALBERT LEA, Minn.- It’s now been more than two weeks since major flooding impacted much of our area and in many communities, clean-up efforts are still underway.

At least 30 homes are still feeling the impact from the flooding in Albert Lea and volunteers are now coming together.

“I think especially now in our society there is so much negativity going on that anything we can do to help each other is really important,” said Ann Austin, Executive Director for United Way of Freeborn County.

That’s exactly what Austin and her team are doing. They’re helping residents who suffered damage in the September storms.

“We have a lot of residents here who are older and are not able to help themselves clean up basements and don’t have family in town, so they’re really stuck in a situation like this,” said Austin.

They’re teaming up with Minnesota Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster and International Orthodox Christian Charities to help community members get their homes back to normal.

“With the recent flooding most people don’t have flood insurance,” said Daniel Christopulos, International Orthodox Christian Charities. “They’re not going to get that type of help. So how are they going to get their homes cleaned out? That’s where we come into play.”

They are also looking for volunteers Saturday and Sunday. They will leave each day at 9 AM from United Methodist Church in Albert Lea.



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