Walk for Blair Smith


MASON CITY, Iowa-  A 5K run and walk was held at North Iowa Area Community College Saturday for Blair Smith.

Blair Smith of Mason City was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in March. The walk held was to raise money for travel and medical expenses. Smith travels with her family every week to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital for chemotherapy treatment.

“It [cancer] is a big fat doodie head,” said Blair Smith.

James Smith, Blair’s father, said there was over 200 people joining their family for the 5K run and walk.

“This event is huge. I never thought we would have this big of a turn out to come out,” said James Smith.

James Smith said his wife has taken a leave of absence to help take care of Blair, while he continues to work to make sure the family has insurance.

“I never ever would have thought this would happen to us. She’s actually the strongest kid I know. She always has a smile on her face, but you know down inside she’s hurting. So that’s tough, it’s really brutal on the whole family,” said James Smith.

He said regardless to how much the family raises at the benefit, all of the support is what matters most. “If we didn’t raise a dime, just all the support we have of people coming out here, we can’t ask for anything more, it’s priceless.”

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