Albert Lea school goes into lockdown after reports of a man with a gun

Lakeview Elementary

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – An elementary school was locked down twice Monday after reports of a man with a gun.

Albert Lea police responded to the first report around 10:43 am in the 1300 block of Abbot Street.  Someone said they saw a male with no shirt walking the railroad bed with a “long gun.”  Police and the Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office secured the area and conducted a search from Winter Avenue to Highway 13.  Lakeview Elementary was also notified and went into a temporary lock down.

Law enforcement could not find anyone and the scene was cleared at 11:12 am.

There was another report of a man with a gun in the same area at 12:39 pm.  Officers arrived and spotted an individual along the railroad bed with what appeared to be a long gun.  Lakeview School was again alerted and went into lockdown.

Authorities say the individual raised the gun, then lowered it and placed it on the ground.  He walked west to awaiting officers and was detained without incident.  The individual was identified as a 15-year-old and the weapon as his Daisy pump action BB gun.  The teen allegedly told authorities he was hunting.

Albert Lea police say they anticipate releasing the teen to his parents, pending charges.  It is a gross misdemeanor to brandish a rifle and/or a shotgun in a public place in Albert Lea.

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