Getting your furnace ready

MASON CITY, IA- As the weather starts to cool down, people are going to start turning up the heat again. Johnson Heating & Air Conditioning service manager Scott Johnson recommends making sure your furnace is ready to run again before you start using it.

Johnson said furances at home should be checked once a year by a HVAC technician to make sure it’s running correctly.

It’s also important to remember to change out furnace filters. Johnson said one inch filters are recommended to be checked on or changed once a month. He said specialty filters that can last six months to a year are still recommended to get checked on every couple months.

Johnson said problems can occur if filters aren’t being checked on. “Your furnace could potentially stop working if they would get plugged up with dirt or anything that would plug up your filter. Basically, it could overheat your furnace and make it run harder and basically not heat the way it should.”

Johnson said make sure you also have a working carbon monoxide detector and thermostat in your home with working batteries.


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