Local companies help with Haiti relief efforts

SHEFFIELD, Iowa – Hurricane Matthew has destroyed Haiti, killed hundreds of people and has left families without food, water and shelter.

Sukup Manufacturing Company, in partnership with GoServ Global, has been providing Safe T Home® since 2010 in Haiti.

The homes are made of steel, movable and suitable for all phases of recovery effort.

“In an emergency, like what happened in Haiti most recently, they proved that they can shelter a good number of people,” says Brett Nelson, Safety Director of Sukup Manufacturing Company.

In fact, only 10 percent of traditional homes in Haiti withstood the storm while all 200 safety homes remained intact.

To install more of these homes – Paul van Gorkom, Executive Director of GoServ Global says getting donations are their top priority right now.

“Getting needed supplies to Haiti, not only to our complex and to our kids but to our surrounding community and most of the homes surrounding our factory were also destroyed, so getting water and food are the main things we’re after right now.”

The Safe T Home® feature a full size lockable steel door as well as additional locks on the windows to ensure safety for residents in the village.

“The Safe T Home® provides those same people security for themselves, for their children, and provides a peace of mind,” says Nelson.

As for Paul, he says he is impressed with the people of Iowa and how they have come together locally to help with this need.

“In particular, agriculture community here in Iowa who really gets behind us, they resonate with the safety home, there’s a connection with grain bins.”

“And they proved and came through the way we wanted. When that happens, the gratification and it’s not so much at a personal level, but for the hundreds who actually had to take shelter in those, that’s where the reward is,” says Nelson.

If you would like to donate you may visit goservglobal.org/give


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