Local Trump/Pence campaign volunteer speaking out after campaign sign was damaged

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Hillary Clinton said it Sunday night during the second presidential debate, “This is not an ordinary time and this is not an ordinary election.”

It’s clear most people have strong opinions of both candidates, and over the weekend it seems at least one person expressed their disapproval by vandalizing a large campaign sign in our area.

A local volunteer with the Trump/Pence campaign has a large campaign sign displayed off of West Circle Drive SW in Rochester and tells us that over the weekend, the sign was vandalized.

Brian Braaten believes it happened sometime Saturday night. He says he’s not sure what kind of symbol was spray painted on the sign but says there’s also damage to the back of the sign where it appears an explicit word was written with paint as well. Braaten says he helps out at the Olmsted County GOP office and that damaged or stolen Trump signs is a common occurrence.

“We’re going through more Trump signs than probably in history and you don’t see that many around because the people are taking them,” he says.

But Braaten says he doesn’t think he’s going to replace this one.

“I think we’ll leave it up just to show the people of Rochester what their party is capable of. We don’t do that, we never, we tell them not to take a Hillary sign and we don’t.”


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