MnDOT snowplow operators are preparing for winter

OWATONNA, Minn.- Before we know it, it’s going to be winter and roads are going to be piled high with snow. Now, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is making sure their plow drivers are prepared for the chaos.

There are over 200 MnDOT snowplow operators taking part in their annual winter prep class. This class is to go over the basics and update the drivers on anything that might have changed over the course of the year, such as technology, equipment and safety protocols.

During the winter months there are 101 snowplows on the interstates and highways and this class will help the drivers stay safe when they’re plowing the roads.

“As an organization, we’re really about learning and improving and there are new updates every year,” said Mike Dougherty, MnDOT. “For some people this class is a refresher. We got our safety officer who comes in to talk about being safe around the truck. They’re big machines and there are a lot of things that could go wrong if you’re not attentive to it.”

Each driver’s shift is 12 hours and they could get called in anytime of the day when snowstorms hit.

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