Organizations are helping homeowners who still have flood damage

ALBERT LEA, Minn.- Many residents in North Iowa and Southern Minnesota still have damage to their homes after the recent flooding and now organizations are reaching out to the public to help those in need.

The United Methodist Church in Albert Lea is lending a helping hand to those who are still feeling the impact from last month’s flooding. On Monday, the church will have a multi-agency resource center.

Freeborn County residents are able to get clean up supplies and they can also sign up for debris removal.

Volunteer agencies are on scene as well to help homeowners repair damaged items like water heaters, washers and dryers.

Those organizing the event say it’s a way for community members to know they’re not alone and there are people who want to help rebuild their homes.

“There are so many benefits that happen because of this event,” said Kris Ihrke, Disaster Program Manager for American Red Cross. “Just by coming together being able to visit with all the different organizations at one time is so great and it just helps lower their stress levels.”

They will be open until 8 Monday night and they encourage residents to stop by if they are in need of assistance.


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