Who won the 2nd presidential debate?


KIMT News 3- Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took the stage for the second presidential debate on Sunday.

The candidates discussed everything from Trump’s tax records to Clinton’s deleted emails. There was also discussion of the recently released 2005 video of Donald Trump talking inappropriately about women, among issues the United States is facing.

Julie Pueggel of Garner said while what was said in the 2005 clip was wrong, she said she’s able to accept his apology. “I can forgive people when they say the wrong thing.”  As for Clinton, Garner said Clinton’s actions speak louder than Trump’s words.

“I do think think that Trump won last night and nothing changed my mind about who I was going to vote for,” said Pueggel.

North Iowa Area Community College student Adam Martin said he believes Clinton won the debate. “Hillary ultimately did have more prepared answers and prepared what she wanted to say and pulled it off cleanly.”

Martin said whenever the moderators would ask Trump a question, the question would barely get answered.

“He [Trump] would completely just mess up and just make fun of Clinton or what not,” said Martin. “And Hillary actually gave answers.”

Martin said although he feels Clinton won the second debate, that doesn’t mean he’ll be voting for her in November.

“For Trump to shape up for the third debate,” said Martin. “He’d probably have to start answering questions rather than going after Hillary saying all of this, now he has every right too, yes, but he just needs to answer more questions than avoid them.”

The third presidential debate is scheduled for Oct. 19th.




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