Community working to keep Northwood moving forward

NORTHWOOD, Iowa – The city of Northwood hired the Iowa Economic Development Authority and the Iowa Downtown Resource Center to conduct an assessment of the city’s downtown area.

The state entities looked over all aspect of the downtown from the quality and quantity of businesses to the amount of truck traffic that comes through Central Avenue.

“I think it was an overall good thing,” says Teresa George, a business owner in Northwood.

George owns four buildings on the city’s populated street. Like many of the business owners, she has been putting her own money to the upkeep of her buildings — something she says can be overwhelming.

“A lot of people who sent in the offers for what we need, you know, we need this, we need that, we need more of this, where are they at,” she says. “Those of us who keep putting all of the effort into the downtown are exhausted. I’m exhausted. That’s why I closed the bar and opened up the BOY Event Hall.”

Those with the city agree, saying the visit was very positive from the last one in the early 2000’s put more people need to step up.

“We have a great chamber,” says Amber Juleseth, the city’s clerk and administrator. “However, sometimes the chamber meetings are very small and and it’s trying to get those businesses them to become more active. We have a beautiful downtown, from the facade, to the flowers and the buildings, but we need more help from the community.

“The people that want all of this and that and everything else — they need to step up, too,” says George.

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