Testimony begins in Lenz case

OSAGE, Iowa – Prosecutors say Nicholas Lenz and his girlfriend were headed back to North Iowa on March 5, 2016, but things took a turn.

“To show he means business, he took a handgun and shoved it in to the flesh of her chin so hard it left an impression of the muzzle under her chin,” Coleman McAllister with the Iowa Attorney General’s Office said to the jury.

Once back at the victim’s home in Mitchell, the state claims things got worse.

“We’ll talk about how she was injured, she was burned with a cigarette, how she was strangled, how she threatened with a gun, again she thought she was going to die,” McAllister said.

McAllister claims the victim tried to escape but wasn’t successful.  Saying Lenz was determined to not let her leave.

“The defendant Nicholas Lenz brutalized and terrorized a young woman,” McAllister said.

Deputy Jerry Jensen with the Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office says Lenz didn’t want to be arrested either.

“Mr. Lenz moved himself around back up against the door and was able to grab the door handle and he pulled on the door handle, started to go out the vehicle backwards,” Jensen described to the jury.

Jensen says on March 7, he got a call of a possible burglary at a home in Mitchell.  He found Lenz asleep on the couch.  Cuffs were put on him but then things took a turn once Lenz was placed in Jensen’s car.  He got out and tried to run, Jensen said.  Lenz was able to get himself inside another vehicle, but was later pulled out by Jensen and other deputies.  Moments later Jensen found a loaded handgun in the couch Lenz had been sleeping on.

“It rather concerns me because I knew at that point that Mr. Lenz would have been able to grab that gun and shoot me,” Jensen said.

Lenz did have support in court Monday. His family was present throughout the day.

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