Pink At The Pump Campaign

ST. ANSGAR, Iowa – Iowa motorists will begin to see a lot of pink at several fuel stations in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month that will help them save money on their gas.

“Finding out seven years ago that I did have breast cancer, the small community of Osage and family and friends made the journey so much easier with great support,” says Julie Niess, breast cancer survivor.

Julie Niess knows how powerful community support is when battling cancer.

This month that support can be seen all over — even at the gas pump.

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association and local businesses are sponsoring Pink at the Pump throughout the entire month on October.

When you use the pink nozzles to fill up, 3 cents of every gallon of E15 fuel sold will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

And customers will save an additional 5 cents per gallon.

“When you add ethanol to gasoline you reduce the toxins in gasoline, you reduce the cancer causing chemicals,” says Monte Shaw, executive director of Iowa Renewable Fuels Association.

Mark McKinley is part owner of Fuel Time in St. Ansgar and says they brought on E15 about two years ago.

“The mileage is a little better, the prices are a nickel a gallon cheaper and it’s just been a great fit,” says McKinley.

“Just that much more money stays here in a local communities,” says Shaw.

As for Julie, she says she still has three more years of treatment to go but early detection is the key for women.

“It’s just very important to get that mammogram once a year and just to be healthy.”


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