Lack of presidential campaign yard signs


MASON CITY, Iowa – Driving through Mason City, you will notice a plethora of campaign signs on folk’s front lawns for whatever candidate they are supporting in the upcoming election … but many people are noticing a lack of signs supporting either major party candidate.

“I really didn’t think about it,” says Mike Tickal, a Mason City resident who owns property near Fourth Street Southeast. “I’m just more focused on what is going on in Iowa and what the local elections will mean for the state of Iowa.”

Those with the County GOP Committee say it is part of their strategy, saying more signs will be going up in the near future. They say a number of signs have been stolen or defaced and they want to wait. Those on the Democratic side of the aisle say it is business as usual and are handing out as many signs as people ask for. Those following the race closely say the lack of signs could be from a multitude of different reason.

“It could be part of a strategy,” says Bennett Smith, KIMT’s political analyst. “There have been a number of signs being taken and they probably want to put them out later. This also helps fight voter fatigue, or being in the voters’ face too much before election day. This is odd to have so little signs out this late in the season, but Trump’s campaign hasn’t been out that much, and I don’t know why there are so little Clinton signs.”

Smith also says the low number of signs could also be because of the low approval ratings of both candidates, but Tickal says it’s about supporting his home state.

“People are more interested in Iowa than they are in the nation,” says Tickal. “I’m not interested in whats goes on in New York or Los Angeles or wherever else — they can take care of their own part of country and we’ll take care of ours.”

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