Day 2: Alleged victim testifies in Lenz trial

OSAGE, Iowa – Nicholas Lenz, 23, showed little emotion as he heard his then-girlfriend tell the story of what he allegedly did to her March 5 through 7 of this year.

The victim says it started as an angry car ride home.

“What else do you remember about the car ride?” Coleman McAllister asked.

“He started hitting me,” the alleged victim said.

When they got home to her place in Mitchell.

“He took ahold of my head, by my hair, he dragged me inside,” the alleged victim said.

Once inside her home, Lenz beat her and at one point she ran, she added.

“I yelled for help and I seen a neighbor but he’s kind of hard of hearing so I think he heard me and he had walked to his garage and then Nick came up behind me and slammed me down on the ground,” the alleged victim said.

Next thing she knows she said she was in a camper.

“He zip tied my ankles underneath the stove to a pipe really tight,” the alleged victim said.

Thoughts of her dying raced through her mind, she says.

“I thought he was going to kill me right there,” she added.

She ended up back at her house the next day.  At that point she said she couldn’t fight.

“At some point did you stop trying to run away?” McAllister asked.

“I did not stop, I got so weak I couldn’t really do much,” the alleged victim said.

Lenz once again had family in court to support him.

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