First big freeze of the year


MASON CITY, Iowa – We hate to think about it, but the cold weather is on its way and Wednesday night was the first big freeze of the fall with temperatures dropping to the 30s.

When weather starts making that change, folks start thinking about turning on the heat and how they are going to pay that energy bill.

Those with North Iowa Community Action say they are already taking applications for their Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP. The elderly or disabled can start applying now. Everyone else must wait until Nov. 1. They say last year they didn’t have as many people as normal apply because it was a more mild winter, but they have already had folks stopping in the office this year.

“We have seen an increase in the last couple of weeks,” says Amy Hoffman, emergency and energy assistance coordinator for North Iowa Community Action. “Folks must apply every year for the process, and the program is designed to pay for a portion of your bill, not all of it.”

Hoffman says those who’s last names start with the letters H-N will have to apply in person. The last day to sign up is April 28.

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