Rochester bank robber sentenced in federal court

Ryan Liskow
Ryan Liskow

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – The Rochester bank robbery that became a worldwide sensation is sending the robber to federal prison for almost 10 years.

37-year-old Ryan Russell Liskow of Rochester was sentenced Wednesday in Minneapolis Federal Court to 115 months behind bars, followed by three years of supervised release.  He was also ordered to pay $2,860 in restitution.

Caught on camera.
Caught on camera.

Liskow robbed the Sterling State Bank on December 14, 2015, then returned and robbed the bank again the next day.  When leaving the bank after the second robbery, Liskow as caught on video by KIMT reporter Adam Sallet.

Liskow entered a guilty plea to one count of bank robbery in February, 2016, and admitted that he gave a note to a teller at Sterling State Bank which claimed he had a knife and a gun and demanded cash.  He presented a note the next day as well and authorities say he got away with a little more than $5,400.  Liskow was arrested in the Twin Cities a few hours after the second robbery.

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