Student Tech Team helps meet growing demand

AUSTIN, Minn. – Last year, Austin High School ran into a couple of problems. First, they weren’t offering enough classes in the growing field of computer science. Plus, with each student now having their own laptop, there was concern that the district’s tech services department may not be able to keep up. So they came up with a solution: Forming a Student Tech Team.

“We kind of killed two birds with one stone and we developed a student tech team, which I think has really started the year off really well,” said Amy Thuesen, one of the Student Tech Team teachers.

“We’ve addressed a lot of tech support in the building, both with students and staff. And the students are also getting to learn things on their own that they’re interested in,” explained Thuesen.

The tech team is made up of students who are skilled and have an interest in computer science. Not only do they get to learn about different technology, like 3D printers, but they also get to help solve actual technology troubles in the school.

“When we have tickets coming in through our ticketing system, then I’ll be the one that takes those. And then I work with the students to figure out okay, here’s the issues that we’re having, here’s how we can work to resolve that issue,” explained Student Tech Team teacher Juan Perales.

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