Day 3: Lenz interviews with law enforcement


OSAGE, Iowa – Jurors heard audio Thursday of Nicholas Lenz being interviewed by law enforcement a day after being arrested, with explicit details at times.

Lenz says in his interview with Deputy Jeff Huftalin of the Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office that it all started because she was putting him down.

“I let her go and I punched her 10 times in her back,” Lenz said in the recorded interview.

Lenz admitted on March 5th when coming home with the victim, he got angry.  Locking the car windows, he grabbed her by her hair and held her down he said.  Once home, he dragged her inside.

“She could have left at any point in time but I talked her out of leaving, know what I mean?  She really couldn’t walk on her own anyways,” Lenz said.

Lenz spent the next couple of days ransacking businesses and homes, stealing guns, car keys and other items.  He said they ended up in his grandparents’ camper, zip-tying the victim within.

“So I zip-tied her just to kind of keep her still so I could talk to her, and I eventually cut them off,” Lenz said.

Several times in the interview he admits he was sorry and that between the Adderall and the crack he was on, his mind was always wandering elsewhere.

“I beat the crap out of her that first day.  I had to help her to get up to the bathroom, I had to help sit her up — she couldn’t function,” Lenz said.

Toward the end of the interview, Lenz broke down in court and in the audio recording.  When asked what message would you like to have for the victim, he replied:

“I just want to know if she’s OK. Tell her just want to know if she’s OK,” Lenz said.

The state was looking to hand the case over to the defense by Thursday.

Lenz is facing kidnapping and willful injury charges.

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