Goats at McIntosh Woods State Park return home


VENTURA, Iowa – After six weeks of eating invasive plants that took over a local state park, a group of four-legged landscapers are finally returning home.

In September, 40 goats were unleashed at McIntosh Woods State Park so they could chow down on honeysuckle, buckthorn and other overgrown vegetation.

Since then they have cleared 30 out of 62 acres of land.

Tammy Domonoske, state park manager, says the goats were able to get to areas that human workers couldn’t reach.

“If we didn’t have goats, we had been cutting by hand with either hand tools or chainsaw and we could not even walk in these areas, so it was very difficult to go across to get in there. The goats have actually cleared away paths so that we can actually walk in there now.”

Funding for the goats came from the Kinney Lindstrom Foundation and the Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake.

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