Satellite absentee voting starts in Cerro Gordo County

MASON CITY, Iowa – Early voting has already started in Iowa and Minnesota, which usually means filling out a ballot at home or going to the courthouse. On Thursday, Cerro Gordo County started offering satellite absentee voting as well.

Barbara Krieger of Mason City said 65 years after filling out her first presidential ballot, she’s doing it again, but this time at home at Kentucky Ridge Assisted Living Facility.

Kentucky Ridge Assisted Living Facility is one of the locations in Cerro Gordo County where the voting booths come to the voters.

“We came out today and saw that we could vote so we decided on the spur-of-the-moment that we were going to vote today,” said Krieger.

Krieger said she’s no stranger to voting, but this is her first time voting at a satellite location. She said regardless to when a person decides to cast a ballot, she believes it’s just important to do.

“If you don’t vote, you have no way of crabbing if you didn’t vote,” she said.

Anyone registered can vote at the satellite locations. A voter needs to be able to provide identification information to an election official. After a ballot is filled out, the ballot is put into two secrecy envelops and into the voted absentee ballot box. 

“Everything is very, very secure,” said election official Sandy Thede.

For more information on additional satellite absentee voting stations, click here.

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