50 years ago F-5 tornado changes the face of Belmond


BELMOND, Iowa- On October 14th, 1966, an F-5 tornado ripped through the small town of Belmond killing 6; 50 years later hundreds of folks are remembering the day with those at the Belmond Historical Museum.

“I remember it was miserably hot for an October day,” says Larry Turner, the President of the Museum. “I just finished lunch, had a Hamburger and a Coke and was headed to the barber shop to get my hair cut. I was walking there and all of a sudden I started running because something felt strange. Then it hit.”

Turner had just started college at NIACC when it happened. After talking with the dean of the school when the tornado hit, he decided to go home and help pick up the pieces of the town he loves.

“In some aspects it was a blessing because the others ded a lot of remodeling downtown, we did the arcade, the community apartments came about because of it,” he says. “There was some good changes, but this hit home for a lot of people. It still causes a lot of heartache.”

This was the first tornado CBS was ever able to track through their storm radar system.

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