Checking out the new CTECH


ROCHESTER, Minn. –  Rochester high school students now have an opportunity to experience different in-demand careers and earn potential college credit, all while staying fully enrolled in high school.

For about a month, RPS students have been taking classes at the new Career and Technical Education Center at Heintz, or CTECH. An open house for the new CTECH building was held on Friday and students led tours of the facility.

CTECH is a place where students can come to take a block course that focuses on one of seven different career pathways; agriculture, construction, engineering, information technology, health sciences, hospitality and manufacturing.

Students will get hands on experience working in labs that are designed to be similar to the industry of their choosing. Each of the pathways was chosen based on workforce needs in the region.

“Students coming in can easily transfer right into the workforce, or they can go on to a two or four-year school. We’re really hoping that they will come back to the Rochester area and continue to work in very viable careers,” explains Assistant Principal of CTECH, Erin Broviak.

CTECH is a partnership between the city, Rochester Public Schools, Rochester Community and Technical College and Winona State University.



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