Lenz trial ends in explosive outbursts

KIMT NEWS 3 – The moment Nicholas Lenz from Osage was found guily of first degree kidnapping and willful injury had everyone in the courtroom on edge.  This is a look at what happened in full that moment the verdict came down.

OSAGE, Iowa – You could tell 23 year old Nicholas Lenz’s emotions were boiling up as the verdict was coming down.

Found guilty of first degree kidnapping and willful injury, he tried to stay calm.  He turned around to his family to say sorry, but then turned to the victim and started screaming.

Chaos consumed the courtroom as he yelled at the victim that she’s ruined his life.  Telling her he’s going to rot in prison because of her.

His mother is heard wailing in the background, later being asked by the judge to leave.  She was dragged out by her husband.

Lenz wasn’t happy with Judge Christopher Foy telling him to calm down.  Explicit language was yelled to several playing a role throughout the trial.

Through it all, the victim stayed calm.

Lenz will be sentenced on December 20th.

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