Ben’s Band of Friends Benefit

ALBERT LEA, Minn-  A benefit for Ben Stuart was held at Eagles Club on Sunday.

There was more than 200 people at the event. There was a bake sale and a silent auction at the benefit.  All of the money raised will go towards any medical equipment Stuart may need in the future, geared towards keeping him independent.

In December, Stuart fell down steps, resulting into something that changed his life forever. “”I fell, broke my leg, said Stuart. “Managed to hit it on the steps and broke my ankle and the top of my tibia.”

Stuart had surgery and medical professionals put a splint on his leg. He said the splint wasn’t holding, so they put a pin in it. Stuart said after something wasn’t feeling right, he had it checked out and surgery area was infected.

“Off to Rochester I went,” said Stuart. “That would have been the very end of January, and in the beginning of February, talking with the surgeons and what not trying to save my leg, it did not work, so they had to have it amputated.”

Therapy learning how to walk with a broken ankle changed to therapy learning how to walk with an artificial leg. Stuart said he is able now able to walk with a walker.

“Just slow, thus far I have not been brave enough to try it enough without a walker or a cane because i’m still not steady or stable with it,” said Stuart.

Stuart’s sister Norene Nicholson helped organize the benefit. She said putting on the event is the least family and friends can do, after what he went through. “It was not only just life changing, said Nicholson. “It was life threatening, the infection was life threatening.”

“You have to keep on moving, you can do it, it’s just a change,” said Stuart. “You can’t give up.”

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