Blooming Prairie High School holds Bully Awareness Day


BLOOMING PRAIRIE, Minn. – Blooming Prairie High School held a Bully Awareness Day on Monday to stand up against the behavior.

“This year’s group choose the saying, #BeStrong [on their orange shirts], said Blooming Prairie High School counselor Mary Worke. “Because they want to instill in everyone no matter who tries to put you down, you can be strong.”

Worke said bullying doesn’t just take place at school. “With with social media the way it is now, it’s ridiculous what some of these kids have to read.”

Blooming Prairie High School seventh grader Bobbie Bruns said last year during sixth grade, classmates had a lot of problems with bullying. 

“It was bad,” said Bruns. “I think today is kind of a day everyone is going to turn everything that happened in 6th grade around.”

Bruns said she is happy to be learning more about how to end bullying on Bully Awareness Day, because it helps build confidence to do something about the behavior.

“Usually, I just tell the person to knock it off,” said Bruns. “And the person that’s getting bullied, I try to be with them so they don’t feel like everyone is not on there side.”

Worke said Bully Awareness Day has led to a decrease in bullying-related complaints at school.

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