Lenz trial brings up topic of domestic violence


KIMT News 3 – An explosive reaction in the courtroom Friday left many talking about the outcome of the Nicholas Lenz trial.

Lenz was found guilty of first degree kidnapping and willful injury.  In March, he beat his former girlfriend and held her captive inside her home.  Now, the case is opening up a broader discussion during domestic violence awareness month.

When the jury announced their decision Lenz turned to the victim, who was sitting in the back of the courtroom, and started screaming, blaming her for the outcome of the trial.

Those with Crisis Intervention Services say this case speaks volumes.

“Number one, every year we review the list of victims in the state of Iowa that are killed in the hands of their batterers.  Most every victim is in the process of leaving.  Conventional wisdom says leaving is what you should do, we know in reality that is the most dangerous thing to do,” Mary Ingham, Executive Director of Crisis Intervention Services said.

Lenz now faces life behind bars for the kidnapping.  His sentencing is set for December 20th.

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