Claims of a rigged election addressed


MASON CITY, Iowa – “This is a rigged election folks.”

Those words coming from Donald Trump have spurred many questions about the integrity of the election from media bias to corruption. Some Iowa officials are supporting his claims.

“I think there’s truth to some of the things he lays out on this,” US Rep. Steve King said. “I just don’t think it’s that constructive to make this the campaign issue.”

“I don’t think there’s any question that there is a media biased against Trump,” Iowa Governor Terry Branstad said. “All you have to do is look at the coverage.”

Now, Cerro Gordo Auditor Ken Kline is working to restore the voters’ faith in the electoral process.

“We have paper ballots, everybody votes on a paper ballot so if there’s any question as to the accuracy of the count, any question as to the operation of the machine, we will get the ballots out and will count them by hand,” Kline said.

They have many safeguards in place including a sealed vault door, security cameras, sealed bags and high security locks on buildings to make sure ballots and equipment are not compromised.

“In Iowa we have a tradition of good elections,” Kline said. “We simply do we have more laws, I think we have better laws than a lot of states I think that helps us.”

And he hopes people have confidence that their vote counts.

“Elections are simply about trust, if we don’t trust the process then it’s not a fair process, it’s not a healthy process,” Kline said.

It was an issue former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright addressed as she stopped in Mason City Tuesday on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. She spoke about her time in Bill Clinton’s administration and how she believes Donald Trump is tearing the country apart with his idea of a rigged election.

“I think he’s beginning to figure out that he’s going to lose and setting some kind of predicate as I say for saying that he didn’t lose fair and square but that it’s been rigged and that’s ridiculous,” Albright said.

She is in Iowa on a three day tour, promoting early voting, attending a debate watch party and gathering support for the Democratic ticket.

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