Election not rigged, Cerro Gordo County officials say


MASON CITY, Iowa – In a statement released Tuesday, Cerro Gordo County officials reaffirm that the 2016 presidential election is not rigged in the county.

This comes after Republican nominee Donald Trump’s recent comments alleging that a conspiracy is underway between the Democratic Party and the media to commit election fraud.

“Our election equipment is not connected; not to another state, another county, or even another precinct in Cerro Gordo County,” County Auditor Ken Kline said in a news release.

He added that all Iowans cast their votes on paper ballots, unlike some states where residents vote on machines.

Kline’s full statement can be found below: 

If there is any question as to the accuracy of the count, we can unseal the ballots and count them by hand.  In past recounts we have had increased confidence by the candidates, the political parties, and the public in the election system. 

We also have a bipartisan group of election officials appointed by the Democratic and Republican Parties and by myself. These are your friends, neighbors, and relatives, and they take their role seriously in assuring a fair election. 

We go to extraordinary lengths to administer a fair and honest election.  We are committed to assuring each eligible voter is allowed to vote and to effective and lawful qualification of voters. 

If anyone has specific evidence of a problem, you are urged to report it to Kline or Iowa’s secretary of state.

For more on this story, tune into our newscasts tonight. 

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