Golden Apple: Shelby Wilson


SHEFFIELD, Iowa – Shelby Wilson is impacting students one note at a time, but she has done more than just teach students about music.

“I was actually never really into singing and stuff when I was in middle school because I was shy about my voice and she kind of helps people overcome fear. It’s not just with music, but with other stuff,” says student Travis Russell.

Lauren Dohlman was the driving force behind nominating Ms. Wilson for the Golden Apple Award after reaching out to her fellow classmates for help.

“She does so much for us like people don’t understand how much she does. I feel like sometimes people feel like she’s just on the stage directing us, but there’s so much behind the scenes,” says Dohlman.

“It is a great honor to be selected for this. It was certainly not expected, but it’s good to know that what we’re doing, you know, in music class, has an impact on their life. They spend a lot of time in the classroom, you know, outside of school and before school with extracurriculars, so it’s nice to know that they feel that this is a valuable experience,” says Wilson.

As for Lauren, she says she’s thankful to be a student in Ms. Wilson’s class, which has helped her grow over the years.

“You can tell from my freshman year of choir and now I have grown so much, she’s taught me so much and she’s always there for us,” she said.

“There are kids that maybe don’t fit into other niches necessarily and this is their spot,” says Wilson.

You can nominate your teacher for the Golden Apple Award by filling out this form.

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